{ in the Archives... }

{ what really happenned in Keflavik ? }

{ there was only one way to find out... }

{ the world's most northerly capital... }

{ evidence of the changing climate... }

{ a lighthouse...cut off at high tide... }

{ it wouldn't take long to cross the causeway and take a closer look... }

{ I took a tour of a glacier... }

{ a disaster from the past... }

{ the weather seemed to be turning strange... }

{ they would have certainly needed a guide... }

{ what did she know ? }

{ it certainly looks supernatural... }

{ I fell asleep next to some rocks... }

{ spectacular natural phenomena... }

{ apparently the sound was deafening... }

{ she was acting suspiciously... }

{ like she was being followed... }

{ world radio news, the headlines... }

{ no one will know... }

{ we won't tell anyone... }

Lost in the fog of a winter's day, a Researcher's quest is interupted by a phone call...

'artefacts from an imagined documentary (proposed): three' is the third in a suite of short films that begin to map the territory of a new area of investigation for an un-named Researcher.

Following the film work ‘midnight, mid-Atlantic...’ - in which a Researcher investigates an abandoned film project in Iceland - this new area of research is partly framed by the work of the 19th Century moving image pioneer Eadweard Muybridge. Collectively, this new body of work acts as a meta-proposal for a longer-term project that will explore the collision of histories of the factual Muybridge, the fictional film director Martin MacAnally and the Researcher himself.

'artefacts... :three' was filmed in East London, UK.

High Definition Video

Official Selection of the

14th London Short Film Festival

Screening: 8th January 2017

Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA)




Stine Gonsholt
Systa Gunnarsdottir
Arildh Mehn-Andersen
Jill Wood
& Katharine Wilson

including music by

Bedroom Walls
Very Large Array

Filmed on location in Iceland

Written & Directed by
Duncan Ganley


"A plot worth taking in, from start to finish"

Douglas Britt - Houston Chronicle

"...posing the rhetorical question of who is behind the camera"

Nicholas Kersulis - Artlies

"A taut study in withholding catharsis or conclusion"

Christopher French - Art Papers