endless filmset (a prequel for an unmade documentary)
installation: ink-jet prints, vinyl text, plinths, video cassettes, cast aluminium plaque, audio guide on CD; dimensions variable; 2001

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Endless Sunset (in retrospect)
ink-jet print; 48 x 36 inches; 2001

Endless Sunset (in retrospect) - detail
ink-jet print; 48 x 36 inches; 2001

Martin MacAnally - an exclusive interview (never broadcast)
ink-jet print; 22 x 29 inches; 2001

the Mirror Room and the Portrait
ink-jet print; 37 x 42 inches; 2001

the apartment (the red room)
ink-jet print; 21 x 28 inches; 2001

the apartment (view #1)
ink-jet print; 18 x 18 inches; 2001

the apartment (possibly)
ink-jet print; 36 x 48 inches; 2001

the lost memorial plaque
cast aluminium plaque; 12 inches diameter; 2001 - installation view, Plains Art Museum, Fargo.

video tapes (the lost & meet me at the millennium)
ink-jet prints, video cassette cases, vitrine; dimensions variable; 2001 - installation view, Plains Art Museum, Fargo.

the lost (promotional standee)
ink-jet print on flatpack card construction; 44 x 38 x 12 inches; 2001 - installation view, Plains Art Museum, Fargo.

endless filmset 2 - installation view, Plains Art Museum, Fargo.
mixed media installation, 2002

{ ii certainly looks supernatural... }

{ I fell asleep next to some rocks... }

{ }

{ apparently the sound was deafening...}

{ she looked familiar... }

{ }

{ world radio news, the headlines... }

{ no one will know... }

{ we won't tell anyone... }

Having previously utilised the language of film advertising and spectacle as a framework to explore a narrative involving a series of un-made movies and their protagonists, Endless Filmset transposes this narrative into a museum form.

The images and objects within the installation and a museum narrative (via text labels and audio guide) presume to reveal information about the homes of a movie director and an actress, as well as background sub-plots regarding the movies that they have been involved with.

The constant slippage of interpretation between the written, the aural and the visual - in addition to the digitally altered images themselves - sets up an instability as to the images authenticity but also as to the context of which they are a part. The viewer is also drawn into this complicity, as they are guided through the actual rooms shown by the audio guide as heard through a personal CD player.

Endless Filmset
Core 2001, Glassell School of Art /
Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, USA

Endless Filmset 2

Plains Art Museum, Fargo, USA



Stine Gonsholt
Systa Gunnarsdottir
Arildh Mehn-Andersen
Jill Wood
& Katharine Wilson

including music by

Bedroom Walls
Very Large Array

Filmed on location in Iceland

Written & Directed by
Duncan Ganley


"A plot worth taking in, from start to finish"

Douglas Britt - Houston Chronicle

"...posing the rhetorical question of who is behind the camera"

Nicholas Kersulis - Artlies

"A taut study in withholding catharsis or conclusion"

Christopher French - Art Papers