midnight, mid-Atlantic
digital C-print; 48 x 96 inches; 2007

digital C-print; 48 x 48 inches; 2007

From acclaimed director Martin MacAnally - Keflavik - a Millennium Panic Pictures Release - Coming Soon
(film poster - Icelandic version)
ink jet print; 30 x 40 inches; 2007

Tourists (Blue Lagoon) #1
digital C-print; 30 x 40 inches; 2007

midnight, mid-Atlantic... (installation view)
inman gallery, houston, usa; 2007

Tourists (Blue Lagoon) #2
digital C-print; 30 x 40 inches; 2007

This series of photographic works acts as a counterpoint to the docudrama film midnight, mid-Atlantic… by presenting both matter-of-fact and mythologized views of the Icelandic landscape.

In the series Signs That Mean Nothing, singular, man-made elements are presented in the landscape, reflecting the implied objective, orthographic nature of the documentary photograph - their linear installation referencing the narrative of the documentary timeline structure. Conversely, the large-scale prints, Gullfoss and midnight, mid-Atlantic, echo the spectacle and grandeur of 19th Century landscape painting and the digitally enhanced cinematography of the Hollywood epic.

The diptych Tourists, an extension of the Location Shots series, depicts two protagonists photographing themselves photographing the Blue Lagoon, Iceland’s most well known tourist destination. Not only do these images call into question how we use photography to assert ‘I was there’, but also the veracity of the images that surround these tourists.
Who is behind the camera?

Completing the loop, the final work is the film poster for the Martin MacAnally film Keflavik – the original starting point for the Researcher’s investigation in the docudrama
midnight, mid-Atlantic…



Stine Gonsholt
Systa Gunnarsdottir
Arildh Mehn-Andersen
Jill Wood
& Katharine Wilson

including music by

Bedroom Walls
Very Large Array

Filmed on location in Iceland

Written & Directed by
Duncan Ganley


"A plot worth taking in, from start to finish"

Douglas Britt - Houston Chronicle

"...posing the rhetorical question of who is behind the camera"

Nicholas Kersulis - Artlies

"A taut study in withholding catharsis or conclusion"

Christopher French - Art Papers