{ in the Archives... }

{ what really happenned in Keflavik ? }

{ there was only one way to find out... }

{ the world's most northerly capital... }

{ evidence of the changing climate... }

{ a lighthouse...cut off at high tide... }

{ it wouldn't take long to cross the causeway and take a closer look... }

{ I took a tour of a glacier... }

{ a disaster from the past... }

{ the weather seemed to be turning strange... }

{ they would have certainly needed a guide... }

{ what did she know ? }

{ it certainly looks supernatural... }

{ I fell asleep next to some rocks... }

{ spectacular natural phenomena... }

{ apparently the sound was deafening... }

{ she was acting suspiciously... }

{ like she was being followed... }

{ world radio news, the headlines... }

{ no one will know... }

{ we won't tell anyone... }


The world of the reclusive and enigmatic film director Martin MacAnally is brought to light in this new film from Duncan Ganley.

A Researcher travels to Iceland to investigate a lingering mystery - What really happenned during the shooting of MacAnally's much hyped, but still unreleased, movie 'Keflavík'? Why has it never been seen?

From initial clues found at the Archives of Millennium Panic Pictures, the Researcher journeys through the Icelandic landscape in search of what he hopes will be the answer to one of cinema's forgotten conundrums.

However, from the cosmopolitan nightlife of Reykjavík, to the isolated glaciers and dramatic waterfalls of Iceland, all is perhaps not what it appears. The Researcher's investigation points to a possible conspiracy, but is it just a trick of the midnight sun, his lack of sleep or is he just getting too close to his subject?

But as a crisis looms in the North Atlantic,
will he find the answers he seeks,
before the Apocalypse?

59 minutes



Stine Gonsholt
Systa Gunnarsdottir
Arildh Mehn-Andersen
Jill Wood
& Katharine Wilson

including music by

Bedroom Walls
Very Large Array

Filmed on location in Iceland

Written & Directed by
Duncan Ganley


"A plot worth taking in, from start to finish"

Douglas Britt - Houston Chronicle

"...posing the rhetorical question of who is behind the camera"

Nicholas Kersulis - Artlies

"A taut study in withholding catharsis or conclusion"

Christopher French - Art Papers

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